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Archiblocks, Puzzle & artwork.

Works as a puzzle with one solution, but can also be used to build any imaginary cities, where new stories will appear in the structures depending on how they are connected.

They are beautiful in the children's room, where they can be included in the child's other games or on the coffee table as an architectural sculpture.

These are toys and artworks are made for both children and adults, and not the kind that gets hidden away when the children have gone to bed.

The blocks come in a handmade wooden box on which you can get a name and a personal greeting engraved to make it a unique present. -

Can we also mention, that this was the gift given to the City Architect of Copenhagen, when she took over the position in 2018.

Each piece has different carvings, which give the houses character and depth. The craft, materials and the form language stimulate both children and adults ' hang to beauty and quality.

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