Learn & Grow Magnetic Ball Run - Expansion Pack

Learn & Grow


Turn your magnetic tiles into Ball Runs!!

This fantastic expansion pack will take your magnetic tiles and create a whole new range of play and exploration opportunities. 

This 84 piece sets includes everything you need to build a complete run or pair with magnetic tiles to create massive ball mazes.

 Each set includes

  • 32 Squares
  • 10 U shapes
  • 10 corners
  • 10 short straights
  • 6 long straights
  • 10 slides
  • 2 super bowls
  • 1 wave
  • 3 balls 
  • Instruction booklet 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Learn and grow ball run

The ball run comes with colored tubes. It is also good for imaginative play, such as building and creating different object with the tubes. The set is also compatible with other brand magnet tiles and become more versatile in play. We bought our set when my girl is 18 months and she loves it at first sight.

Amazing Toy!

We love it so much! it's such a good open ended toy that teaches so many things! Best part is that the whole family gets to have fun together!

Amazing! We’ve ordered a second one because we’re so in love!

Literally the best expansion to magnetic tile world, these work amazing with our Connectix tiles but also on their own. The set comes with its own squares with holes for the ball run but you can use them alone to create structures.

We’ve been going crazy making atleast one a day, long ones, tall ones, small ones, big ones, one with lots of curves and giant straight drops. Our 2 year old loves dropping the balls down and this toy is perfect to grow with him.

We’ve built ball runs ontop of our Connetix Car set aswell and had them roll away.

Honestly one of the best additions to our toy collection that we’ve gone ahead and bought a second one for bigger and longer ball runs!


Learn & Grow Magnetic Ball Run - Expansion Pack (PRE-ORDER)

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