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This seriously stylish number flash cards are created by a mum and graphic designer into a high contrast monochrome set for maximum impact in visual stimulation and engaging early learning. 

Give your child a solid foundation in their education and inspire a lifelong love of learning through an exploration of numbers and maths. Number recognition, counting, sorting, adding, subtracting and more!

Designed to be used with babies as a simple but fun introduction to numbers, right up to school-aged mathematicians! It's up to you how simple or complex it gets!

This set includes 26 double-sided cards (plus a drawstring bag cover) which comprises of:
– Numbers 0–9 ( x 2)
– Operations/Symbols ( x2 ) of each of the following: plus (+), minus (–), times (x), divided by (–), equals (=), percent (%)
– Visual numbers growth pattern 0–9
– Number dots 0–9

The cards can be used as follows:
– First numbers eg. 0–10
– Simple equations eg. 1 + 2 = 3
– Long equations/order of operations eg. 3 + 7 x 2 = 17
– Percentages eg. 100%
and all sorts!

Let the kids get creative by combining numbers to form their own equations or any other number of mathematical problems and games.

These flash cards are a perfect and thoughtful gift for a wide range of ages from newborn to school aged children. No matter what age, stage or learning style your child prefers, these cards offer multiple learning options and capabilities allowing the cards to transition with your child's development. They encourage creative and imaginative play-based learning and confidence with numbers. Grab your set today!

Origin: Australia

The flash cards have rounded corners for safety and are 105x148mm in size.

They are professionally printed on premium quality, heavy card stock.
Please note: Our flash cards should be used under adult supervision until the age of three or older, as best determined by you.

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