Wassily Kandinsky Art Puzzle



Wassily Kandinsky is a great Russian artist, one of the first creators of pure abstraction in modern painting. Such toddler activities will be an excellent aid for learning art.


With this set, the child will be able to see abstract painting in volume, learn to consider and understand abstract painting The child will learn to create pictures like Kandinsky and will learn to understand how to put the parts forward, backward, left, right and in the middle.


The set consists of:

-A piece of paper with introduction of Wassily Kandinsky

-A piece of paper containing artist's paintings

-A base

-9 wooden parts


The wooden parts are made of plywood with a thickness of 0.24 ".


Painted with acrylic artistic paints which is odourless, non-staining and safe for children.


Recommended for children 3+ who are no longer teething/mouthing.

Customer Reviews

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Sue Mc
Kandinsky 3D Art

What an unbelievably spectacular puzzle!!! Moveable wooden elements bring the art to life stunningly. It is a work of art in its own right!! Beautiful, thank you!!

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