Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Stuka Puka


"Children and fish have no voice." Do you know this saying?
With our puzzles, the young explorer will be speechless!

12 fish from Polish rivers, lakes and 7 seas will serve your young explorer as a puzzle or skill game. 

Thanks to the added rod, everyone can start fishing. Under each "specimen" we have hidden its name so that the young naturalist can learn their names. Put the fish on the grill!

There are so many ways to play!

- Dimensions: 37 x 54 cm!
- 12 fish + 6 elements and a fishing rod, frame, cover.
- Puzzle thickness: 5 mm.
- Rod thickness: 5 mm.
- Base thickness: 3 mm.
- Cover thickness: 3 mm.
- Painted with colourless, odourless varnish certified for children.

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