Triangle Pikler (PRE- ORDER)



"Babies need to be allowed to move freely and develop in their own way and their own time" - Emmi Pikler

Design inspired by Emmi Pikler, this traditional triangle pikler offers lots of opportunities to develop physical gross motor skills and can be incorporated in different play.

It is a versatile and safe option for crawling babies and children to explore and climb. Children can develop all sorts of skills appropriate for their age naturally with this pikler arch by providing various challenges and encourage opportunities that promote spatial awareness, concentration, self-confidence, autonomy and sense of achievement.


This triangle pikler can be used with the following AVDAR accessories to increase it's functions:

- Magnetic drawing board

- Slide/climbing ramp


*We personally have a triangle pikler ourselves and our son have started to use it to pull to stand at 7 months. He now enjoys climbing up the ramp/slide. 


Dimensions: 60 x 90 x 70CM

Recommended for 0 - 4 years under adult supervision.

Maximum weight load: 50kg

Current delivery turnover time 7-9 weeks

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