Hillside Birds Ornaments

A Piece of the World

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Is your bird feeder always filled up?

Are the little footprints in the snow all leading towards your house?

Let the great tit, robin, goldfinch, long-tailed tit and hawfinch decorate your home.

This is how they show gratitude for all the delicious meals you prepared for them.


This is a decorative item, not a toy. 

Recommended age: 0+
The hillside birds ornaments set contains: 5 different bird designs: Long-tailed tit, Great tit, Robin, Hawfinch, Goldfinch (from left to right.)

Alternatively you can buy the birds separately if you wish so. 

Size of the pieces: approx. 9 cm x 3 cm x 1,6 cm 
Material: leather and beech wood, responsible forestry from Duna-Ipoly National Park of Hungary
Made in Hungary, EU

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