Salto Totale Spinning Top



The Mader Salto Totale from Oskar's Wooden Ark is a flipable spinning top and one of the most challenging tops from our range. Handmade in Austria from ash wood with a stem made of walnut. Challenge yourself by spinning it on one side and then using your fingers to flip it around on its handle. Are you a Mader Salto Totale champion?

Difficulty Level: 6 of 6 (difficult)

Dimensions: Diameter 4,5 cm.

Materials: Maple wood - painted and varnished.

Age: 3+

Made in Austria.

Customer Reviews

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Astoria Markovic
Amazing neutral toned spinner

It’s no lie, we love our spinning tops and have slowly been growing our collection!

This one is definitely a challenge but spins so nicely once you’ve got the grip, love the neutral two tone of this one.

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