Portable Wooden Play Tray

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This is a beautiful handmade wooden tray. It measures approximately 10 x 10 x 2 inches. It includes a watercolor image of a mountain range, trees, and road, that is sealed to the bottom of the tray. Tucked inside, you will find a laminated play mat, with a road and river watercolor design. This is easily removed using the semi-circle notch on the right side. Stand the tray up place the laminated play mat in front of it, and voila! You have the base for a small world! The road design on the two images matches up, to make it look like the road disappears in the distance, between the mountains.

When you're done, place the tray flat again, place the laminated mat inside, and you have amazing storage!

This mountain tray goes perfectly with our many block sets, including the woodland animals, mountains, vehicles, and more. These are sold separately, so add any sets you'd like to store in your mountain tray to your cart.

The tray is sealed with a non-toxic sealant, to include the mountain image and the inner and outer sides of the tray.

This tray has so many uses. In addition to the small world play using the mountain and road images, you can add various sensory materials and use it as a sensory tray. Add colored rice, beans, pasta, etc. Please note that it is NOT waterproof, so please do not put anything wet within the tray.

The tray has rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping while your child is in the midst of playing.

This is the unique gift you've been looking for for the child in your life, whether for a birthday, Christmas, or just because!

This wooden tray is perfect for:
- Beautiful storage
- Homeschool units
- Preschool and early learning
- Manipulatives and fine motor skills
- A busy box to keep your child entertained for long periods
- Sensory play
- Pretend play
- Small world play
- An artistic gift for a loved one

This tray makes a great gift! Add some of our wood block sets, and they can be stores within the tray, then played with once the background is set up!

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