Oekaki House

Kiko & GG


Oekaki means 'drawing board' in Japanese. This magical drawing board allows for unlimited drawing for your little one with its magnetic pen.

What's special with Oekaki House is that it has a 4 coloured background where drawings on the board can come in yellow, blue, green and red!

Drawings or writings can be erased with a swipe of the little cat knob and the board is ready for the next creative drawing session! The board also comes with three different shapes stamps to add to their drawings. 

All drawing boards now have replaceable screens. All original screens are made with the highest possible quality, but if the screens are worn out from prolonged use overtime, this feature can allow your drawing boards screens to be replaced and thus increase its longevity in your household. Yay to multiple kids in the household and to the environment!

Origin: Japan

Includes a drawing house board, a magnetic pen, 3 stamps (circle, triangle & square), and a cotton eco-bag

Dimensions: 340mm x 340mm x 45mm

Material: Beechwood, PET plastic, Magnet

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Worth it

We've had a few plastic version but wow this one is so sturdy and great quality! Definitely worth it!

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